The main activity of Elbud Electrical Corporation is installation of electrical installations in buildings (apartments) with the use of the latest technology and security features:

  • standard and simple electrical installations (which are consequently low cost);
  • replacement of electrical installations in residential buildings (flats);
  • replacement of damaged sockets, inserts, electrical fuses on boards and switchboards;
  • removal of electrical installations not carried out in accordance with the regulations;
  • installation of internal and external lighting;
  • electrical systems' installation in commercial facilities;
  • measurements of receiving and periodic electrical installations;
  • performance of overhead and cable power connections, including construction of temporary construction connections;
  • replacement of fuse boards;
  • transfer of electric meters;
  • modernization of electrical boards;
  • balance connections and earth electrodes;
  • connecting electric kitchens and household appliances with a guarantee premium;
  • 24/7 maintenance;
  • cooperation with an energy company;
  • consultancy in the design of electrical installations in new buildings;

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